The Limarc story and values

Language Service Limarc Oy

Language Service Limarc Oy was founded in 1998. Our services include translation, interpreting, language consulting and text revision as well as localisation and post-editing of machine translations. We also provide authorised official translations.

The Limarc values

Our values guide our work and are present in all of our services.

High-quality work

Our translators and interpreters are trained professionals. We investigate all terminology thoroughly both in translations and interpreting. Our revisors are native speakers in the revision language.

Flexible and personalised service

We are easily reachable by phone or email. The client can reach the person in charge of the project directly, with no go-betweens. Our service prioritises the schedule needs, content requests and cooperation networks of the client. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and handle all parts of the project for them.

Putting people first

We love to make connections: when people interact, they share information, ideas and opinions. We want to help create successful interactions and make sure that the message reaches its intended recipient. We also consider the needs and wishes of our employees. As an employer, we can be flexible in terms of our employees’ life situations and location. We want to be a part of creating a world where work can be fun, interesting and meaningful.


Each translation project is unique. This is why our service will always focus on the client’s perspective. We take the customer’s wishes, backgrounds and standpoints into consideration.


We also consider diversity among our employees to be an asset. We want to be a part of significant national projects to extend people’s careers and create jobs all around Finland. It goes without saying that we also hire employees over the age of 60.


Marjatta Liljeström, CEO of Limarc, began her career in translation and interpreting when she lived in Norway at the turn of the 1980s. Once Finland joined the EU in 1995, the demand for interpreting and language services hit a boom. Marjatta wound up working as a freelance interpreter for various EU bodies. During her years as an interpreter, she established Language Services Limarc Oy in 1998. The company was put on pause while Marjatta worked as a salaried interpreter and translator as part of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Secretariat in Copenhagen between 2004 and 2012. During that time, she also became familiar with the Danish language, culture and customs.


This long experience in administrative organisations has informed the work of Limarc in later years, when the company has provided translation and interpreting services for trade unions, the institutions of Nordic cooperation as well as public administration. The world of public administration is also familiar to Ina Liljeström, who joined Limarc in 2021. As service director, Ina maintains a close connection to both clients and marketing.

The translation industry has undergone a tremendous shift as machine translation services have become more common and more sophisticated. Nearly everyone has Google Translate in their pocket, but professional translators continue to be in demand now and in the future. Our communications and work are becoming increasingly international, and companies and trade unions typically release news and notification in several languages. The amount of communication is also on the rise


We want to be a part of building a bridge of of understanding and communication. We want our work to enable people to communicate despite differences in languages or cultures.


Limarc is a Finnish family company owned and operating in Finland, and we pay all of our taxes in Finland.