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High-quality language services

By providing high-quality language services we are helping people and companies connect, understand each other and succeed. We want to create space and opportunities for connections which are transparent and mutually beneficial. High-quality language services support corporate communications and promote positive interaction between people.

Our small organisation combines flexible service with first-rate work and cost-effective pricing. We are located in the Helsinki metropolitan area and in the northern Savonia region, but we work with clients all around Finland.


We provide high-quality translation and interpretation services along with text revision and language consultancy.

Translation and language services

High-quality translation and revision or editing services for texts in several languages.

Interpreting services

Our professional interpreters can help you according to your needs in a wide variety of situations.

Language selection

We can also serve you in other languages through our partner network – just ask us!


The values of Limarc guide our work and are present in all our services.

1. High-quality work

2. Flexible and personalised service

3. Putting people first

4. Diversity


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