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Interpreting is spoken communication in which speech is fluently and accurately translated from one language to another. The interpreter has a strong command of the culture in their language region and promotes interaction between people who speak different languages. Interpreting is needed in many conferences, meetings, corporate visits and negotiations in which people who do not share a language want to understand each other. Professional interpreters make this possible.

Interpreting also supports the work of various public officials, including the police, border control, the legal system as well as the education, social services and healthcare sectors. In the interpreting setting the interpreter is always impartial, and bound by confidentiality.

Our interpreting languages:

We can also serve you in other languages through our partner network – just ask us!

Types of interpreting – situations in which interpreting is needed

Modes of interpreting – how the interpreting is carried out

In consecutive interpreting the speaker and interpreter speak in turn, and the interpreting takes place after each period of speech.


In simultaneous interpreting the speaker and interpreter speak at the same time. Simultaneous interpreting is conducted via specialised equipment in a sound-proofed interpreting booth. The interpreter hears the speech through headphones which are connected to the speaker’s microphone, and the audience can hear the interpreting via their headphones. Simultaneous interpreting is the most common mode for sign language interpreting.

In whispered interpreting simultaneous interpreting is provided to a small group either through portable devices or without any equipment. If no equipment is used, the number of listeners may be between one and three.

Are you interested in our interpreting services?

If you are in need of interpreting services, contact us and tell us what kind of event or situation the interpreting is for and which languages are needed. Also let us know the overall topics discussed. We can suggest the best mode of interpreting based on your description.


We can also arrange interpreting equipment, should you need it for, e.g., simultaneous interpreting.

We also need to know the schedule of your event. At Limarc we can provide interpreting at short notice, so do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.

Why choose Limarc?

Limarc has decades of experience in translation and interpreting. Over the years we have accumulated a comprehensive network of experts through which we can also translate highly specialised terminology. We have honed our processes to be as efficient as possible during our long history. We combine our tried and tested methods with an understanding of language and communication as constantly evolving. This means that translation must evolve along with them!

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You can request a quote for our interpreting services by contacting us by phone at +358 40 504 3138 or email at We will respond to your message with an offer of interpreting services.