Translation and interpreting services

High-quality translations as well as revision and editing services for texts in several languages.

Translation services

In our global world, translation is an integral part of corporate communications. It has a positive impact on the company’s image and client satisfaction. High-quality translation supports the image of a company as a professional and reliable organisation.


A skilled translation is so much more than just the transfer of a text from one language to another. Localisation means that the translation considers the environment of the translation and the specific needs of the target audience. The interpretation and significance of specific messages may vary from one culture and continent to the next. At Limarc we make sure to translate this deeper meaning in addition to the words in the text.

We can provide translation services for a variety of text types, including:

Language selection in translation services:

We can also serve you in other languages through our partner network – just ask us!

Official and authorised translations

We can provide official authorised translations of certificates and legal documents. Such translations are accompanied by an authorised translator’s certification: a stamp, signature and date.

Translation is customer service, not robotic work

At Limarc, we focus on excellent and flexible customer service in addition to high-quality translations. Each translation is a unique project and we always take our clients’ requests into consideration. Communicating with us is easy and submitting material for translation is simple.

Why choose Limarc?

Limarc has decades of experience in translation and interpreting. During this time, we have accumulated a comprehensive network of experts through whom we can also provide translations of highly specialised terminology. Our long history means we have honed our processes to be as efficient as possible. We combine our tried and tested methods with an understanding of language and communication as constantly evolving. This means that translation must evolve along with them!

Language services

Do you have a text that would benefit from grammar revision, proofreading or language consultation? Our language services can revise machine translations and other texts to make sure they are perfect.

Our language services are available for texts in:

We can also serve you in other languages through our partner network – just ask us!

Request a quote!

Do you need translation, grammar revision or proofreading? You can contact us by phone at +358 40 504 3138 or email at


If you request a quote via email, make sure your message includes the service you are interested in, the language of the text to be edited or translated, the amount of text, the text type and the purpose for which it will be used. Also indicate if your translation is urgent. If you wish, you can attach the text to your first email to us.


We will respond to your message with a quote. Once you have approved our quote we will begin work.