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Interpreting is the art of fluently and accurately translating speech from one language to another. Interpreters need to be not only multilingual but have a firm grasp of cultural norms. They work at conferences, meetings, corporate visits, negotiations and other situations where people who speak different languages need to understand each other.

Interpreters also work with public-sector agencies, including the police, border control, courts, the education system, healthcare and social services. They are always impartial and work in the strictest confidence.

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Types of interpreting

Modes of interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, the speaker and interpreter take turns to speak.


In simultaneous interpreting, the speaker and interpreter speak at the same time. Usually, the interpreter is in a soundproofed booth and works with specialised equipment. They hear the speaker through headphones connected to the speaker’s microphone. The audience hears the interpreted speech in their headphones. Simultaneous interpreting is also the most widespread mode used for sign language interpreting.

In whispered interpreting, simultaneous interpreting is provided to a small group, either using portable devices or without any equipment. If no equipment is used, the number of listeners may be between one and three.

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Why Limarc?

Limarc has decades of experience in translation, interpreting and language services, and we have honed our processes for maximum efficiency. A wide network of experts and consultants enables us to translate highly specialised terminology. We combine tried-and-tested methods with the understanding that languages and communication are constantly evolving.