Our story and values

Limarc Language Services Ltd

Limarc Language Services Ltd was founded in 1998. We provide translation, interpreting, language consultancy and text-revision services, as well as localisation and post-editing of machine translations. We are also qualified to provide authorised translations.

Limarc values

Our values guide everything we do.


Our translators and interpreters are all trained professionals. We research the terminology for all translations and in advance of all interpreting jobs. Our text revision work is all done by native speakers, so the text sounds natural in the target language.

Flexibility and
personal service

We put ourselves in your shoes and work according to your timetable, needs and target audience. You can e-mail or phone the project manager in charge of your job at any time.

Putting people first

We love to bring people together. Interaction leads to the sharing of information, ideas and opinions. Limarc is all about positive interactions that get our clients’ messages across. We also strive to  be a model company, listening to the needs and wishes of the people who work for us and taking into account their stage of life and where they live. It is our firm belief that work should be fun, interesting and meaningful.


Every language project is unique. Our clients are also incredibly diverse, and Limarc always takes their wishes, background and perspectives into consideration.



The diversity of the people who work for Limarc is one of our greatest assets. We want to play our part in important social initiatives such as extending people’s active working lives and creating jobs all over the country. It also goes without saying that we value experience and are happy to work with people over the age of 60.

The Limarc story

Marjatta Liljeström, CEO of Limarc, embarked upon a career in translation and interpreting while living in Norway in the early 1980s. Finland’s accession to the EU in 1995 led to a much higher demand for interpreting and language services, and Marjatta worked freelance for various EU bodies. Although she set up Limarc Language Services Ltd in 1998, the company had to be put on ice while Marjatta worked full-time in the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Secretariat in Copenhagen from 2004 to 2012. During that time, she became well-versed in the Danish language, culture and customs.



Marjatta’s extensive experience in Nordic administration and the public sector has informed Limarc’s work since she revived the company in 2012. Limarc provides translation and interpreting services for various trade unions, Nordic bodies and public sector agencies. Service Director Ina Liljeström is no stranger to the public sector either. She joined Limarc in 2021 and works closely with the clients and marketing team.

The translation industry has changed a great deal as machine translation has become more widespread and sophisticated. However, even though nearly everybody has Google Translate in their pocket, professional translators are still in demand – and will continue to be. Communications and work are growing more and more international all the time, and companies and trade unions in many countries publish newsletters in multiple languages. The growth in the sheer volume of communication shows no signs of slowing down either. At Limarc, we see our role as facilitating clear communication and understanding between people in this international era, despite differences in language or culture.

Limarc is a family-owned Finnish company. We operate and pay our taxes in Finland.